3 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light And Speaker

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A bathroom exhaust fan powered by a Bluetooth speaker enables you to enjoy music and news while relaxing at your place. Not every exhaust fan out there comes equipped with light and speaker functionality. You will rarely find such a combination.

The reason behind this is companies have to purchase a license and meet certain standards to sell their exhaust fan as Bluetooth-enabled devices. Also, few people will prefer to install an exhaust fan with such a combination and pay more.

However, if you’re someone who wants to install an exhaust fan with light and speaker so that you can enjoy music while keeping your bathroom ventilated, then you are at the right place.

In this post, I will take you through a complete guide that helps you identify the right fan which fits your bathroom, and lastly will recommend some of the best picks.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light And Speaker (Buying Guide)

Size (CFM)

CFM is the most important factor you need to consider before purchasing an exhaust fan. This factor measures the movement of air in Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM). In simple words, the larger the number, the better is air movement.

You may not want your bathroom getting over or under-ventilated. For that, figuring out the suitable CFM value is crucial.

Choosing the right CFM depends on how larger or smaller is your bathroom.

There is a simple technique to decide on a suitable CFM for your space. For instance, if your bathroom is 5 feet wide and 10 feet long, multiply the length and width, you get 50 square feet. Therefore, while choosing an exhaust fan, look for the one with 50 CFM.

What if I get a measurement that has no matching CFM? It might happen, you may not get the exact CFM value as your measurement. In this case, look for the closest CFM value available.

Refer to this table below to find a suitable CFM for your space:

Bathroom MeasurementCFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
45 square feet and less50 CFM
46 sqaure feet to 75 sqaure feet70 CFM or 80 CFM
76 sqaure feet to 105 sqaure feet110 CFM
above 105 square feet150 CFM

Loudness (Sones)

I am pretty sure, you might not want your exhaust fan to make noise. This is where sones play a role.

Sones is a rating given to an exhaust fan based on its noise level. The higher the sones, the higher will be its noise level.

One sone sounds like a noise of a quiet refrigerator, whereas eight sones can be loud as traffic or normal conversation.

Always remember, if you double the sones, the loudness also gets doubled.

For example, 2 sones will be twice as loud as 1 sone, 4 sones will be twice as loud as 2 sones, and so on.

What is a good sone rating to Go for? According to experts, an exhaust fan having one sone or below is considered quiet in terms of noise. A range between 2-3 sones is average. Beyond a rating of 4 sones is considered as loud.

Therefore, a good sones rating is from 0.5 to 3 sones.

Refer to this chart to get a rough idea of sones noise level:

a chart representing loudness of sones in an exhaust fan.
Sones Noise Level Chart


If you are replacing your current exhaust fan, then there are certain things you should take into consideration.

First, you need to measure the size of the opening in your ceiling. This is crucial so that you can buy a size matching your current one. If you end up buying a smaller size, it won’t fit into the opening of your ceiling. But how to measure the opening?

To measure the ceiling’s opening, take off the grille of your exhaust fan and measure its length and width using a measurement tape.

Secondly, check whether your bathroom has attic access because this tells; what series of fans are suitable for your space. If your bathroom has attic access, you can install any bath fan you want. However, if that’s not the case, you will have to look for room-side series bath fans.

3 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light And Speaker

1. Broan-NuTone (SPK80L)

Dimensions: 8.25 x 8 x 5.75-inches | Weight: 7.93 pounds | Material: Galvanized Steel | Noise Level: 2.5 Sones | Available CFM: 80 Cubic feet per minute

The Broan-NuTone SPK80L is a highly recommended exhaust fan for your bathroom. The Broan-NuTone SPK80L is a highly recommended exhaust fan for your bathroom.

It comes equipped with a light and Bluetooth speaker that maintains aesthetics as well as allows listening to your favorite music or podcast while relaxing in your bath space.

The speaker is concealed behind the fan’s grille. Meaning, the High-Fidelity Sensonic Speakers are fitted behind the fan’s cover, giving it a standard bath fan appearance.

If you are wondering about its connectivity, unfortunately, there is no app support. As a result, it cannot be controlled remotely using a smartphone. Instead, you have to pair it via Bluetooth and use your phone’s volume keys to control its volume.

This exhaust fan has a rating of 2.5 sones for noise level, which is considered an average noise level (sounds like a calm office). The motor inside; is capable of moving 80 CFM, providing sufficient air movement for bathrooms up to 80 square feet.

If you are replacing your current bath fan, make sure your ceiling construction has a 2″x 8″ inch opening to avoid a fitting problem. Also, you need to have attic access for installing this fan as this isn’t a room-side series bath fan.

  • Less Expensive.nGalvanized Steel prevents corrosion or rusting.nIt perfectly ventilates your bath space.nQuality of audio output is acceptable.nComes with three years of warranty.nLED lights improves the astetics of bathroom.nIt can be paired with Alexa.n
  • Light doesn’t change colors.nNo app support. Resulting, no remote control. (It uses volume control)

2. Homewerks 7130-13-BT

Dimensions: 14.37 x 15.35 x 12.4-inches | Weight: 12.8 pounds | Material: Galvanized Steel | Noise Level: 1.5 Sones | CFM: 110 Cubic feet per minute

The model 7130-13-BT bath fan by Homewerks comes with a Bluetooth speaker and an integrated light that never requires replacement bulbs to be purchased. Moreover, the company claims it to be saving energy worth $148, which sounds amazing.

Talking about the lighting, this model includes a dual-color nightlight with an option to switch between – calming warm light and soothing blue color. Besides, this model comes with a led wall switch, making it simple to control fan, lighting, Bluetooth, and nightlight.

To play your favorite playlist or podcast, pair your wireless Bluetooth device with your speaker and start enjoying while taking a shower. The audio can be heard up to 30 feet away.

You won’t hear the noise coming from the fan as it comes with a rating of 1.5 sones, one of the quietest bath fans on the list. Besides, it has a rating of 110 CFM. Meaning, the motor inside can move 110 cubic feet per minute, properly ventilating a bathroom of size 100-149 square feet.

Installing this bath fan requires attic access. If you are replacing your current bath fan, make sure your ceiling cut is big enough to make it fit. You might get confused with wall switch wiring, better to take the help of an expert electrician to install it for you.

How to Install Homewerks 7130-13-BT
  • Futuristic design and good buld quality.n1.5 sones rating makes it super quiet.nLED light increases the aesthetics of your bath space.nBluetooth Speaker is very loud. Can be heard 30 feets away.nProperly ventilates bathroom sizing 100-149 square feet.n3 Years of warranty.nnn
  • Little Expensive.

3. Homewerks 7130-16-BT

Dimensions: 9.25 x 17 x 11-inches | Weight: 13.75 pounds | Material: Galvanized Steel | Noise Level: 1.8 Sones | Available CFM: 80 & 110 Cubic feet per minute

Another excellent option when looking for an exhaust fan with light and Bluetooth speaker, the Homewerks 7130-16-BT.

This exhaust fan comes with a remote that you’ll be mounting on your wall, allowing you to skip or replay songs and control their volume through your Bluetooth-enabled device.

Mounting it on the wall won’t be a problem because it includes a suction cup wall mount to keep it handy. In addition, there is a push-button wall switch, helps you control the LED light, fan, nightlight, and Bluetooth functions.

Talking about the nightlight mode, turning it on reflects a soothing light over your bathroom, giving you the ambiance of nighttime.

The 1.8 sones rating makes it one of the quietest bathroom exhaust fans with light and speaker. Also, this model comes with two CFM variants. The one with an 80 CFM rating is capable of ventilating bathrooms up to 80 square feet. And 110 CFM rating suitable for bathrooms up to 110 square feet.

This bath fan can replace most of the compact fans using the existing opening of your ceiling. But before installing, I will recommend you to check whether your wall has the needed wiring (Wiring Diagram Present In Box) for installation.

If you don’t find these wires, better to consult an expert electrician.

How to Install Homewerks 7130-16-BT
  • One of the Quitest bathroom fan.nComes with remote controlling and pairs with phone, laptops, and tablets.nBest fit for bathrooms under 110 square feet.nLED lights u0026 Nightlight mode looks awesome.nThree years of warranty.n
  • Little expensive.

Benefits of Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light And Speaker

There are several benefits of an exhaust fan with light and Bluetooth speakers. Including;

  • Ventilating Your Bathroom: We should not forget, what’s the primary reason for getting an exhaust fan, its power to ventilate a bathroom, giving you fresh air to breath is the main benefit here. It eliminates odors, humidity, airborne particles, fogs in mirrors, and more.
  • No Need For External Speakers: If you ever wish to listen to music when taking a shower, carrying your phone has the risk of dropping into the water. But having an exhaust fan with a built-in speaker gives you the freedom to listen to your favorite music, podcast, and news.
  • No Need to Be In A Hurry: If you have to take a quick shower as well as don’t want to miss a discussion going on in a webinar or meeting. You can connect your laptop, phone, or tablet, and listen all the conversation while taking a quick shower. How cool is that?
  • Increases Aesthetics of Your Bathroom: Don’t forget, you are getting LED lights as well. The LED lights reflect calming warm lights and soothing colors, which boost your mood and lets you spend more time in your bathtub.


I don’t want to confuse you by providing a huge list of bath fans that supports light and speaker. This list only includes some of the best picks you can find in the market.

The reason for keeping Broan-NuTone at the top is its price. If you are looking for a budget-friendly exhaust fan with such a combination (light/speaker), then it will be the right pick for you. However, you have to compromise with the remote controlling features.

The Broan-NuTone only uses the volume control to increase and decrease its volume. But if the price isn’t a big deal, I would suggest you consider Homewerks 7130-13-BT, which has an elegant design and is quieter, delivering you a calm environment.

Installing won’t be a problem if you already know how to install an exhaust fan.

The only thing you have to look for is wall switch wiring. If something is missing, contact an electrician for help.

It is always good to have someone for help.

If you have any queries regarding the products listed above, feel free to drop a comment and get your answer with 24 hours.

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