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how to clean shower drain clear clogs

How To Easily Clean and Maintain a Shower Drain

I’m sure I’m not alone; cringing at the thought of cleaning out a shower drain. This has to be one of …

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how to disable the touch feature for moen kohler delta faucets

Disable the Touch Feature on Your Kitchen Faucet

Ever feel like technology is taking over? It’s creeping into all corners of our lives, including our kitchens! The latest is …

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how to select the perfect bathroom hardware

Transform Your Bathroom: A Guide to Selecting Perfect Bathroom Hardware

Are you looking to jazz up your bathroom and give it a fresh new look? Well, you’ve come to the right …

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how to choose bathroom grout color

Choosing the Right Grout Color for Your Bathroom Tiles

Choosing the right grout color for your bathroom tiles can be a challenging task. I’ve spent a lot of time considering …

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12 bathroom cleaning hacks

My 12 Favorite Bathroom Cleaning HACKS for Easy Deep Clean Bathrooms

Even though I consider myself a highly-functioning, organized and clean adult (most days), I still actually dislike the act of cleaning …

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how to identify delta shower faucet model number

How To Identify Delta Shower Faucet Model Number Like A Pro

You’re standing in the plumbing aisle, staring at rows upon rows of shower faucet parts and feeling overwhelmed. Don’t worry, you’re …

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How to Fix a Leaky Bathtub Faucet

Alina Davidson

Do you have an annoying drip-drip sound coming from your bathtub faucet? Its not just irritating; it’s also wasteful and can cause damage to your bathroom if left unattended. We’ve …

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