Alternatives to Exhaust Fan In Bathroom

5 Best Alternatives to Exhaust Fan In Bathroom (Must-Try!)

The bathroom needs proper ventilation because the steam from the hot bath cause condensation on the ceilings, walls, and windows. Consequently, it can cause the excess build-up of mildew, mold, and rotting over time, resulting in costly structural problems to repair. Nonetheless, poor ventilation is also harmful to the occupant’s health. An exhaust fan is …

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Bathroom Fan Not Removing Steam

8 Reasons Why Bathroom Fan Is Not Removing Steam

A bathroom fan is supposed to remove the steam from the shower, but sometimes it doesn’t seem to work properly. Most of the problems with excess humidity or moisture are a result of not running your bathroom fan long enough or using the ventilator in the wrong way. It is important to troubleshoot these issues …

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Bathroom Exhaust Fan Making Noise When Off

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Making Noise When Off (3 Fixes)

Is your bathroom fan making noise even though its turned off? This is a common annoyance, but also usually harmless. You would expect your bathroom fan to be silent, but things like wind can cause unexpected noises from the fan. A bathroom exhaust fan will start to make weird noises as it gets older; a …

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how to clean bathroom exhaust fan with light

How to Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light? (7 Easy Steps)

Bathroom fans are key in removing unwanted odors and moisture from your space. So keeping them clean and running tip-top is important. Luckily, learning how to clean a bathroom exhaust fan with a light is pretty easy. Follow along our step-by-step instructions below! Right now, if you have noticed dust buildup, mold, or mildew on …

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