how to choose bathroom grout color

Choosing the Right Grout Color for Your Bathroom Tiles

Choosing the right grout color for your bathroom tiles can be a challenging task. I’ve spent a lot of time considering this on various projects, and you want to make sure that you pick something that will bring out the best in your tile and create an aesthetically pleasing space. After all, this is a …

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12 bathroom cleaning hacks

My 12 Favorite Bathroom Cleaning HACKS for Easy Deep Clean Bathrooms

Even though I consider myself a highly-functioning, organized and clean adult (most days), I still actually dislike the act of cleaning a bathroom. The only good part is the final result, right? Having several awesome cleaning hacks to make the job easier is probably what keeps me sane and motivated. I’m going to share 12 …

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what should my homes water pressure be

What Should My Homes Water Pressure Be?

You’ve likely heard the saying “too much of a good thing can be bad.” This is very true when it comes to water pressure in your home. If you’re taking a shower, washing dishes, or watering your garden, having the right water pressure ensures these tasks are efficient and enjoyably. If you’ve ever experienced either …

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how to snake a toilet easy way

How To Snake a Toilet the Easy Way

You’re not alone in this – we’ve all been there. That moment when you flush the toilet, only to cringe as the water keeps rising. Its a brief moment of panic, thinking of that potential messy overflow disaster! Knowing how to snake a toilet is not a common DIY trait. But fear not, I’m here …

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Will Toilet Paper Unclog Itself

Will Toilet Paper Unclog Itself? Tips to Make It Faster

Un-fun topic aleart! Nobody loves having to grab the plunger, and a clogged toilet is sometimes yucky and is always annoying. Is your toilet clogged from too much paper? Will toilet paper unclog itself if you just wait it out? It’s those types of things we end up asking ourselves, standing over the porcelain bowl …

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How to Smooth Silicone Caulk

How to Smooth Silicone Caulk Like A Professional (Try-This!)

Kitchen or Bathroom structures be it the wall, tiled wall, bathtub corners, etc., are at risk of getting damaged when exposed to moisture or water. Because Kitchen & Bathrooms are the hotspots for higher moisture levels. And constructing any of these structures is expensive. We mostly choose the best method to protect against elements and …

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are moen and delta interchangeable

Are Moen and Delta Interchangeable? (Explained)

Moen and Delta are some of the popular manufacturers of plumbing fixtures such as sinks, faucets, toilet holders, etc. If you look around your home, you’ll find one of these manufactures or maybe both installed at different locations. The fixtures from Moen and Delta usually have a lifespan of 10-15 years. Or even more, if …

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Do You Need Permit for Bathroom Remodel

Do You Need Permit for Bathroom Remodel? (Explained)

The idea of remodeling your bathroom sounds exciting as you might be having great ideas for what you want to do. But If you are a house owner, you should be aware of all legal parameters to avoid further consequences. Usually, people have a question in mind whether they need a permit to remodel their …

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