Are Moen and Delta Interchangeable? (Explained)

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Moen and Delta are some of the popular manufacturers of plumbing fixtures such as sinks, faucets, toilet holders, etc. If you look around your home, you’ll find one of these manufactures or maybe both installed at different locations.

The fixtures from Moen and Delta usually have a lifespan of 10-15 years. Or even more, if taken care of properly. However, this lifespan reduces if the fixtures are showing signs of constant repair to function. Too old also gets boring, ruining the aesthetics of your space.

At this point, you might wish to replace the fittings with a new one.

While looking for a new fixture, a new style or finish from a different manufacturer can excite you. This leads to the question, whether you can interchange two different manufactures.

For example, you might wish to install a Moen faucet trim in the Delta faucet valve. Or replace a Delta cartridge with a Moen cartridge.

Whatever the scenario is, we will discuss whether Moen and Delta are interchangeable. But first, let’s check are Moen and Delta the same company?

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Are Moen and Delta the Same Company?

Moen and Delta are two independent companies located in the United States. Both companies are competitors of each other and they are best known for manufacturing faucets, valves, and other plumbing fixtures.


Moen was founded by Alfred M. Moen back in 1956, headquarter located in North Olmsted, Ohio. The company is popularly known for manufacturing faucets and plumbing fixtures as well as bath accessories such as toilet paper holders, curtain rods, towel bars, etc.


Delta was founded by Alex Manoogian back in 1929, with headquarters located in Indianapolis and Indiana. The company is known for manufacturing a line of plumbing fixtures, including faucets, shower fixtures, toilet paper holders, towel rings, etc.

  • Parent Company: Masco Corporation
  • Child Company: Brizo and Peerless. (Both falls under Masco, including Delta)

Are Moen and Delta Interchangeable? (Answered)

Moen and Delta are not interchangeable. You cannot mix and match two different manufactures as the parts such as valves, trims, and cartridges are specifically designed to fit within the same brand. For instance, A Moen rough-in Valve will match any Moen Trim Kit, not Delta.

Most people have a misconception that a Universal fixture means you can fit any part regardless of brand. That’s not true. You cannot fit one brand’s trim kit with another brand’s valve. So you may ask, then what’s the point of selling valve and trim kits separately?

You may only want to change the looks of your shower or sink faucet. In that case, replacing the trim kit (design part such as faucet handle) only makes sense.

The rule of thumb when buying a trim kit; look for kits within the same brand.

The reason behind this is the compatibility issue with Valves. Your valve must support the trim kit to fit in, which is not found with brands like Moen and Delta. Also, One manufacturer may have multiple valve types within the same brand that are not interchangeable.

These brands do it on purpose because once the valve gets installed in your wall, it becomes a difficult task to replace, making you stick to their brand for a long time. You can consider it as a business practice to increase their customers and sales.

Well, all these things said above don’t make any sense if you’re having a completely new remodel project.

Generally, remodeling project work includes ripping out walls to change fittings inside, so you can take advantage to replace your current Valve brand with your preferred brand.

But remember, once you switch your Valve, you must stick to trim kits and cartridges within the same brand.

Trim Kit

Moen and Delta Trim Kits are not interchangeable. If you decide on a replacement, you need a compatible rough-in valve to fit in the trims. For example, to match in Moen Trim Kit, you must have Moen’s compatible rough-in valve. Or, to match in Delta Trim Kit, you must have Delta’s compatible rough-in valve.


Moen and Delta Cartridges are not interchangeable. If you decide on a replacement, look for its part number to find a matching cartridge. If you’re unable to figure it out, take the old cartridge to a nearby plumbing supplier to know which part number to get.

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Moen vs Delta – Which One Better In Style?

Moen and Delta have faucets available in a wide range of finishes, although Delta has a slight edge over Moen when it comes to the sheer number of options available.

Delta offers about 106 styles of faucets for all other decorative elements in the bathroom.

For both Delta and Moen, you get a variety of finishes such as chrome, brushed nickel, oil bronze, stainless steel, black, and more. Some of the products may have a single finish, which in most cases is made of stainless steel.

Besides, Delta offers a more interesting variety of colors, such as black or Venetian bronze. While Moen offers just as much utility on its side.

In my opinion, Delta will be the best suit if you’re looking for a brand offering a wide variety of styles at an affordable price. This will let you try different styles at regular intervals. On the other hand, Moen is more feature-oriented and gets expensive in its maintenance.



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