4 Temporary Fixes For Cracked Bathtub (Must-Try!)

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Generally speaking, A crack on your bathtub can be a result of wear & tear, poor support, chemical build-up, or most probably dropping an object on the surface.

Especially cracks near the bathtub drain can be disastrous, especially when you are not home. There are however some ways to temporarily save the situation.

These DIY techniques are proven and tested, but their effectiveness is subjective: different bathtubs are made of different materials and the crack sizes vary.

In this guide, you’ll find four temporary fixes that let you keep using your bathtub without worrying about cracks, scratches, chips, or holes.

Let’s Dive In!

4 Temporary Fixes For Cracked Bathtub

Use Repair Kits

Whether you have an Acrylic, Porcelain, Enamel, or Fiberglass tub, repair kits are a great DIY solution to temporarily fix cracks, scratches, chips, or holes in a bathtub.

The good part is, that these kits are easy to apply and let you save hundreds of bucks by getting them repaired through professionals.

I recommend purchasing Fortivo Tub Repair Kit for this purpose. This kit includes all the tools, including a spatula, a wooden instrument, sandpapers, adhesive, and pair of disposable gloves as well. That makes the application process much faster and easy.

To temporarily repair the crack using repair kits, follow this procedure:

Step 1: Clean the Cracked Area

Using a sponge and bathroom cleaner, remove any unwanted material off the cracked surface. Dry the surface competently.

Step 2: Prepare the Filler for Use

The repair kit consists of two solutions. Using the mixing bowl and tool, mix both the solutions as per instructions. You will most likely have a resin and a hardener.

Some manufacturers include a color pigment in the mixing process to give the filler a color similar to the bathtub.

If the pigment is provided, mix it in the bowl with the other components.

Step 3: Apply The Filler On The Crack

Using an applicator apply the filler over the surface surrounding the crack. Apply pressure to ensure the filler penetrates the cracks. Cover all the areas and edges.

Step 4: Let The Filler Dry

Let the filler dry overnight. When dry, sand the patch using fine-grit sandpaper to smoothen it and rub off the sanding dust. If there is paint, use it to hide the dent. If a buffing cloth was provided, use it too.

Use Fiberglass Patch Repair Kits

Similar to bandaids, Fiberglass patch repair kits work likewise to cover cracks, scratches, or holes in a bathtub. It is only recommended if your bathtub is using fiberglass as its material type.

You can get Bondo Fiberglass Patch Repair Kit for this purpose. This kit includes Fiberglass Resin & Liquid Hardener solutions, a fiberglass cloth, a mixing stick, and a tray too.

Let’s check how you can use a fiberglass patching kit to fix a crack.

To temporarily repair the crack using fiberglass repair kits, follow this procedure:

  • Prepare: Mix Fiberglass Resin & Liquid Hardener together (follow instructions on package) and apply them to the fiberglass cloth before patching up the cracked surface.
  • Patch the Cracked Surface: Then, use the fiberglass cloth to patch the cracked area. Press it strongly until it holds firmly.
  • Smoothen & Shape: Once applying the fiberglass cloth, sand the area using fine-grit sandpaper to give it a smooth touch.
  • Paint: You can apply gel coat or marine paint to blend & smoothen the surface.

Note: More detailed instructions are on the product packaging.

Use Waterproof Sealing Tape

Looking for a quick fix for bathtub cracks? The waterproofing sealing tapes are quite prominent in this. You just need to peel the seal tape and apply it to the cracked surface and it instantly seals up the leaking water, air, or moisture from the tub.

Gorilla waterproof sealing tapes are more promising than ordinary tapes to repair surfaces subjected to running water. With an extra-thick adhesive layer and UV-resistant backing, it is capable of forming a permanent bond unless you try to remove it.

To temporarily repair the crack using waterproof sealing tape, follow this procedure:

The application is pretty simple.

  • First, rub the surface with a sponge or cloth.
  • Round the corners of the tape and peel it off.
  • Then, stick the patch on the cracked surface. Ensure the tape is in complete contact with the surface. Hold it in place for 2-3 minutes.
  • Done! You can then run water to test if the crack is leaking any water, which won’t be the case after applying the sealing tape.

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Use Of Glue

Another way to fix bathtub cracks is Glue.

Because glue will keep the bathtub from developing any more cracks and allow you to continue using your tub without worrying about leaks.

To repair the crack in your bathtub, you need to find waterproof epoxy resin glue. You should be able to find one at an arts and crafts store nearby.

To temporarily repair the crack using Glue, follow this procedure:

Clean the area and sand it thoroughly. After ensuring it is dust and water-free, squeeze glue into the crack ensuring you cover the entire crack. The glue should be dry within an hour after which you should subject the tub to testing for improvement.

How to Prevent Bathtub from Getting Cracks

It’s important to take care of your bathtub so it doesn’t get any cracks. Cracks can ruin the entire tub and lead to expensive repairs and replacement, which is no good for anyone.

Therefore, make sure you take care of any cracked areas so that you won’t have to worry about expensive repairs:

  • Bathtub Placement: Place the bathtub on a level surface and ensure the supports are stable.
  • Select Cleaners Wisely: Do not use too strong cleaners on the tub; use ordinary mild household cleaners.
  • Teach Toddlers: Teach your children to not drop objects into the bathtub. You should reduce the times it is moved to prevent dropping.
  • Keep Chemicals Away: Chemicals damage bathtubs, rinse them thoroughly after use to prevent the buildup of chemicals.
  • Drill Holes when Crack develops: If a crack develops, try to prevent it from spreading. You can drill small holes at its ends to curb its spread.

Wrapping It Up!

The bathtub is part of almost every household. They however crack often, due to old age or even malicious damage.

We might not stop old age, but we can prevent kids from dropping objects on the bathtubs. If it develops cracks, however, there are ways you can temporarily fix them at home. For effective fixing, I will recommend using Fortivo’s Tub Repair Kit.

If you have any questions, drop them below. I will try to answer them all.

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