how to make bath mats fluffy again

How to Make Bath Mats Fluffy Again? (Only 5 Steps)

I prefer placing mats in my bath place because they are slip-resistant and resistant to water damages. Also, their fluffiness feels comfy under the feet. But over time, it loses its fluffiness. The primary reason behind losing fluffiness is the continuous water absorption; it gets wet and soapy, losing its previous softness and comfy feel. …

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Best Anti Slip Bathroom Mats

7 Best Anti Slip Bathroom Mats – Safe, Comfort, And Cheap

When it comes to safety, an anti-slip bathroom mat should at your topmost priority in bathroom accessories. If you have elders at your house, then a bath mat is a must-have because it prevents one from falling or skidding. A year ago, my bathroom’s floor was constantly building up hard water stains, and removing those …

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how to remove salt water stains from bathroom tiles

How to Remove Salt Water Stains from Bathroom Tiles? (3 Methods)

You might have spotted saltwater stains on your bathroom’s tiles. Looking closely, It appears as a chalky white residue that builds up over time due to the presence of excessive minerals in hard water. Saltwater stains are mostly seen when you have a borewell water supply at your house instead of city water. If you …

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how to clean bathroom exhaust fan with light

How to Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light? (7 Easy Steps)

Bathroom fans are key in removing unwanted odors and moisture from your space. So keeping them clean and running tip-top is important. Luckily, learning how to clean a bathroom exhaust fan with a light is pretty easy. Follow along our step-by-step instructions below! Right now, if you have noticed dust buildup, mold, or mildew on …

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