7 Best Anti Slip Bathroom Mats – Safe, Comfort, And Cheap

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When it comes to safety, an anti-slip bathroom mat should at your topmost priority in bathroom accessories. If you have elders at your house, then a bath mat is a must-have because it prevents one from falling or skidding.

A year ago, my bathroom’s floor was constantly building up hard water stains, and removing those stains at regular intervals was a headache. But after placing a bathroom mat, it worked like a savior.

The soft absorbent surface of the mat protected my bathroom’s floor from satins. Apart from that, the mats are mold & mildew resistant – it prevents mold or soap scum build-up. Thus you will less likely to remove mold or mildew at regular intervals.

Personally, I love to have a bathroom mat because it helps me enhance the aesthetics of my bath space. I own a wide range of colorful mats that I prefer switching up whenever I want a change.

If you are planning to get a non-slip bath mat for your space, you should first plan on choosing the correct size, material, shape before adding one to your cart. Don’t worry, I can help you with that.

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What do I use?

Gorilla Grip is my favorite choice for an anti-slip bathroom mat. I love how it stays in place with lots of traction and grip on the floor. Well made and a bunch of colors to choose from.

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Buying Guide For Best Anti-Slip Bathroom Mats

Materials of Bathroom Mats

Exploring bath mat options might seem a bit overwhelming or even annoying. At first glance, there’s so many different materials available. But let me help break it down a bit for you, sharing some insights on each to help you find the right fit for your comfort and needs.

  • Microfiber – Imagine stepping out of the shower onto a bath mat that not only soaks up moisture effectively but also dries rapidly. Microfiber mats do just that! Plus, they are incredibly soft, making them a delight for your feet.
  • Cotton – If you love the plush, cozy feel of cotton, you’ll find cotton bath mats an excellent choice. They’re wonderful at soaking up water and are also gentle underfoot.
  • Vinyl – Ever worried about slips and trips in the bathroom? Vinyl mats are the answer. They have drain holes for effective water circulation and strong suction cups for unbeatable grip. (Perfect for inside showers and tubs)
  • Memory Foam – Want to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom? Memory foam mats are for you. Their microfiber outer covers absorb water quickly and offer a superior soft feel and comfort underfoot.
  • Synthetic – For those who prioritize easy maintenance, synthetic mats are an ideal pick. They dry swiftly, absorb less water than other materials, and are machine washable.
  • Chenille – Looking for a sturdy yet comfortable mat? Chenille may not be as soft as cotton, but it’s more water-resistant, helping to prevent water damage.
  • Nylon – Nylon mats offer a great balance of durability and comfort. They might not be as soft as cotton, but they are easily washable, durable, and less absorbent, which allows them to dry pretty quickly.
  • Exotic Wood (Wooden Mats or Duckboards) – These mats are not just about functionality, they’re about adding style to your bathroom decor. They are quick to dry but can be slippery, making them best suited for SPA or Jacuzzi areas.

In my experience, I’ve found microfiber and vinyl mats to be best for my use. They each have unique qualities that enhance the overall bathing experience. But remember, it’s your bathroom, your choice – choose the one that best fits your style and comfort preference!

What Size Bathroom Mat Do I Need?

The size of the mat you need largely depends on your bathroom space and where you plan to place the mat. For example, for a mat to go in front of a single sink or within a small shower, you might need a mat around 24″ X 17″.

For larger spaces, double sinks or larger showers, you might opt for a mat sized 42″ X 24″ or even 60″ X 24″. Always measure the area you want to place the mat in before making a purchase.

The table below gives you an idea about different mat sizes (in inches) and their suitable place:

Size in InchesIdeal Use
24″ X 17″Perfect for compact spaces such as in front of single sinks or within small showers.
30″ X 20″Suited for both small and medium-sized areas, particularly useful in front of single sinks.
36″ X 24″Excellent fit for more spacious areas, such as in front of bathtubs and elongated single sinks.
42″ X 24″Ideal for medium-sized spaces, it can conveniently serve double sinks and medium showers.
48″ X 24″Best suited for luxurious installations like SPA or Jacuzzi tubs, and also a good match for double sinks.
60″ X 24″The ultimate choice for large spaces. It’s excellent for SPA or Jacuzzi, double sinks, or to grace your bathroom entrance.


Bathroom mats are generally rectangular in shape. But in some cases, you may find round, square, and U-shaped mats.

I prefer keeping the round mats near the sink, and entry & exit of my bathtub. To be clear, there is no such specific place to keep the round mats. It’s your own preference where you want it to remain. Same for square-shaped mats.

U-Shaped Toilet Mats

On the other hand, U-shaped bathroom mats are specially designed for toilets. Place these mats by aligning the U shape of your commode so that it can soak up water, protecting you from slipping & smashing your head.

Anti-Slip Backing

Make sure the bath mats have a non-slip containing at the bottom. You can check this by ensuring whether the mat has suction cups or any type of grippy backs such as rubber, latex, adhesive, or thermoplastic. These coatings are much powerful to create an excellent grip and prevent slipping or skidding.

The 7 Best Anti Slip Bathroom Mats

I literally have spent more than 3+ hours researching the best anti-slip bathroom mats. Finally, I conclude these seven mats to be the best available in the market.

Gorilla Grip Original Non-Slip Mat

  • Anti Slip Backing – Suction Cups
  • Mat Material – Vinyl

Gorilla Grip bath mat is a top choice for an anti-slip bathroom mat, preventing the risk of falling or skidding. This beautifully designed mat features over 300 suction cups that provide a strong grip to hold it in one place.

It’s quite easy to install on a smooth surface. Simply lay it on a surface and stand on it, the suction cups will automatically stick to the surface and you are ready to go. Besides, this mat can be used on surfaces like bathtubs and showers.

Moreover, the Gorilla Grip bath mat is machine washable and has small drain holes, helping water to circulate and prevent mold or mildew formation.

You won’t get different size options. The mat comes with a single sizing of 35″ x16″, which is large enough to cover tubs and showers.

Genteele Non-Slip Bath Mat

  • Anti Slip Backing – PVC Dots
  • Mat Material – Velvet & Memory Foam

If you want a soft velvety feel surface thicker than most other mats, then the Genteele bath mat is a perfect pick. It features polyurethane memory foam to cushion your feet for an unmatched feel and comfort.

The memory foam is water absorbent and has thousands of strong PVC dots to prevent slipping. You can place it anywhere near a tub, in front of the sink, or entry and exit of your bathroom’s door.

The mat can also be machine washed and dried but avoid using chlorine or bleach as they can ruin the foam. It is recommended to wash in cold water along with mild detergent and lay it under the fan to dry.

Slip X Non-Slip Shower Mat

  • Anti Slip Backing – Suction Cups
  • Mat Material – Vinyl

The shower mat by Slip X is designed to provide stability and traction especially when showering. With over hundreds of suction cups, it allows the mat to remain securely in place, preventing the risk of hazardous falls.

This 21″ X 21″ size mat is centered with a 6-inch circular drain hole to fit your bathroom’s decor. You can install it on a smooth surface like a bathtub or shower.

Moreover, it is capable of circulating water with ease and prevent stains formation. Also, this mat is machine washable, so use cold water and mild detergent to clean the mat and place it under the air to dry.

Overall, the Slip X shower mat provides the sower traction you need.

Yimobra Memory Foam Bath Mat

  • Anti Slip Backing – PVC Dots
  • Mat Material – Velvet & Memory Foam

Yimobra is another bath mat that comes with a soft velvety material, features thick memory foam, giving you a smooth & soft touch on your feet. Its softness creates a feeling as if you’re walking on the clouds.

Similar to Genteele, the Yimobra mat also comes with PVC back coating that works as an Anti-Slip Backing for your mat. Its microfibre layering makes this mat super absorbent of water and doesn’t leak from the back.

This velvety mat is machine-washable. You can wash it using cold water and mild detergent, then dry it under the air. Note, do not use bleach and chlorine as they can ruin this material.

Yimobra Chenille Non-Slip Bath Mat

This Yimbora luxury bath mat uses chenille as its build material, which is a quick absorbent of water and dries up pretty fast. Although its top layer is shaggy, still it feels comfy and soft under your feet.

For protection, the Yimbora Chenille mat features hot melt adhesive backing and a thick shaggy coating that stays steady on the ground.

You can place this mat on the tub side, front of the sink, or anywhere that suits your bathroom’s decor.

No matter if it gets dirty, this mat is machine washable as well as cleanable with normal hand washes. There is no point to fear about fading colors, so pick your favorite color from the 21 color options available.

Walensee Non-Slip Bath Rug

  • Anti Slip Backing – Thermoplastic Rubber
  • Mat Material – Microfiber

Looking for a complete Microfiber bath mat? Walensee non-slip bath rug is completely made up of Microfibre, which comes with awesome water-absorbing capability.

Its back layer doesn’t allow water to flow through because the moisture gets trapped in the mat’s deep pile.

Apart from that, you will find this mat using TP Rubber as its backing material to prevent the risk of slipping. Besides, this rubber coating can last for a long period and offers you a strong gripping capability.

This luxury bath mat is machine washable and doesn’t fade away the colors. Overall, a must-have bath rug for your bathroom’s safety and decor.

Wrap Up

Ensuring the safety of my loved ones, especially the elderly like my grandfather, is a top priority in my household. This rings especially true in potentially risky areas like the bathroom.

Whether your bathroom has the dimensions of a cozy closet or spans the size of a mini-spa, a trusty anti-slip bath mat is an essential safety measure. Thankfully, investing in these lifesavers won’t cause a dent in your wallet. With an average price range between $20 and $30, they’re a budget-friendly addition to any bathroom.

But hey, these mats are not just about functionality. They’re also a way to keep your bathroom looking sharp and guest-ready. Available in a wide range of materials and designs, you can easily find one to blend with your style or even act as a standout piece.

So, the next time you have guests over, they’re bound to leave with an impression of a well-cared-for home, thanks to your attention to detail right down to the bathroom. Who knew a humble bath mat could do all that?

FAQ: Best Anti-Slip Mats for Bathroom

Where to place mats in the bathroom?

Where you place your bath mats can make a big difference in your bathroom’s function and safety. You’ll want one right outside the bathtub or shower, to absorb moisture and prevent slipping when you step out. Placing a mat in front of the sink is also a good idea, as it can catch any water splashes during your grooming routine. If you have a large bathroom, consider adding a mat near the entrance as well, to greet your feet with a soft landing.

How to wash bathroom mats?

Machine washable mats can be washed using mild detergent and cold water. Later, place it under the air to dry. Remember, not to use bleach or chlorine with memory foam, microfibre, and chenille bath mats. It may ruin the material.

How often to wash a bathroom mat?

Ideally, you should aim to wash your bathroom mats once a week. However, if your bathroom is frequently used or if you have a large family, you might need to do it more often. Regular washing keeps your mat fresh and hygienic, as it’s a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria due to its damp and warm environment.

Do anti-slip bath mats really work?

Absolutely, they do! Anti-slip bath mats are designed with safety in mind. They typically feature a non-slip backing or suction cups that grip onto the bathroom floor, providing a secure footing to prevent slips and falls. It’s an essential item in any bathroom, particularly for households with children, elderly family members, or individuals with mobility issues. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

What is the most absorbent material for a bathroom mat?

Microfiber and cotton are often considered the most absorbent materials for bathroom mats. Both of these materials are known for their excellent water-absorbing properties, which helps keep your bathroom floor dry and reduces the risk of slips and falls.

Are wooden bath mats a good option?

Wooden bath mats can be a stylish and functional choice for some bathrooms. They are quick to dry and add a spa-like feel to your space. However, they can be slippery when wet, and they may not be the best option for households with young children or elderly adults. They also require more care to prevent mold and mildew growth compared to fabric mats.


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