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Temporary Fixes For Cracked Bathtub

4 Temporary Fixes For Cracked Bathtub (Must-Try!)

Generally speaking, A crack on your bathtub can be a result of wear & tear, poor support, chemical build-up, or most …

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Faucet Dripping After Water Turned Off

7 Reasons Why Faucet Dripping After Water Turned Off (How to Fix It)

Leaky faucets aren’t only a nuisance of constant plinking to keep you awake in the night. They’re also the reason why …

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Bathroom Fan Not Removing Steam

8 Reasons Why Bathroom Fan Is Not Removing Steam

A bathroom fan is supposed to remove the steam from the shower, but sometimes it doesn’t seem to work properly. Most …

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Alternatives to Caulking Around the Bathtub

6 Alternatives to Caulking Around the Bathtub (Must-Try!)

You have just noticed that the caulking around your bathtub is starting to deteriorate, and you don’t know what to do …

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Where to Hang A Toilet Paper Holder

Where to Hang A Toilet Paper Holder? (8 Best Ideas)

Toilet paper holders come in many different shapes and sizes, some have spring-loaded arms while others have clamps that hold them …

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how to tell if a faucet cartridge is bad

5 Signs to Tell If A Faucet Cartridge Is Bad (Must-Read!)

Have you ever thought about why there is a cartridge in your faucet? The primary reason is to regulate the flow …

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How To Fix Cracks in a Plastic Bathtub (A Step by Step Approach)

Alina Davidson

Plastic bathtubs are very affordable and easy to install, making them a popular budget-friendly choice for builders and homeowners alike. These acrylic plastic bathtubs come with a bit of a …

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