Keep A Windowless Bathroom Fresh

8 Tips to Keep A Windowless Bathroom Fresh

When looking for a new place to rent or buy, we usually don’t consider whether the bathroom has a window. It is necessary because a window naturally removes moisture from the air. In addition, a bathroom with a window allows natural light to enter the room. The natural light act as a support for your …

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Why Is My Bathroom Sink Gurgling

Why Is My Bathroom Sink Gurgling? (How to Fix)

Do you hear a gurgling sound from your bathroom sink? Gurgling can be heard from the sink when water drains through the flange, flushing the toilet, or even when the washing machine water drains. It is an indication of improper ventilation in the drain pipes. If you’re hearing such a sound, then it’s recommended to …

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Why Do Washing Machine Rust

Why Do Washing Machine Rust? (Causes and Solutions)

For many people, washing machines are one of the most important items in their homes. From keeping clothes clean to saving money on laundry soap, there is a reason why they have become so popular over the years. However, with all the benefits that come from this appliance and its convenience for busy families, it’s …

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how to remove rust from bathroom fixtures

How to Remove Rust from Bathroom Fixtures? (Helpful Tips)

Rust is a common problem around the home. It can cause big problems for water pipes and other light fixtures. Rust also leaves behind a stain that is difficult to remove from surfaces like porcelain or marble. Luckily, there are many ways to get rid of rust and restore your bathroom’s metal fixtures to their …

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mushrooms growing in bathroom

Mushrooms Growing In Bathroom: Causes, Risks, and Solution!

Do you find it unpleasant and confusing to see mushrooms growing in bathroom? I do. Mushrooms love moisture. And your bathroom is usually by far the highest regular humidity in your home. According to Bupa, Mushrooms are made up of roughly 92% of water. They are basically the fruit of the fungus that grows rapidly …

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how to make bath mats fluffy again

How to Make Bath Mats Fluffy Again? (Only 5 Steps)

I prefer placing mats in my bath place because they are slip-resistant and resistant to water damages. Also, their fluffiness feels comfy under the feet. But over time, it loses its fluffiness. The primary reason behind losing fluffiness is the continuous water absorption; it gets wet and soapy, losing its previous softness and comfy feel. …

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how to remove salt water stains from bathroom tiles

How to Remove Salt Water Stains from Bathroom Tiles? (3 Methods)

You might have spotted saltwater stains on your bathroom’s tiles. Looking closely, It appears as a chalky white residue that builds up over time due to the presence of excessive minerals in hard water. Saltwater stains are mostly seen when you have a borewell water supply at your house instead of city water. If you …

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